Why Us

Why us?

You and your safer world.

Your safety, and the environment, are at the heart of our ethos. When you chose an Ozofresh sanitiser (or one of our many other products), you have the comfort of knowing that it will meet the most applicable UK benchmarks. In a market where manufacturing standards can vary and quality is sometimes unreliable, here at Ozofresh, we do not compromise. All our sanitising and O3 products meet the applicable national expectations and regulations and are manufactured right here in the UK. They are safe, effective, reliable and as environmentally friendly as possible. We think you and your family deserve nothing less than the very best, so we demand exactly that of every part of the manufacturing process.

Our background

Ozofresh have been a supplier to thousands of buyers in the care and hotel industries for many years. In recent times we have refined and developed our cleaning and sanitising range to offer consumers the same protection and excellence as required by these testing environments. As a result, you now have the security of knowing that the product you select has been developed to the same high standards expected when caring for some of the most vulnerable in our society. Here at Ozofresh we are proud of our commitment to supplying only the best. Whether that is a single bottle of sanitiser or we are installing the most advanced eco-friendly, surface cleaning and air purification equipment to the care sector, quality and effectiveness are built into everything we do.

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