Ozofresh PlugIn – Clean air on demand

Ozofresh PlugIn - Clean air on demand

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This unique environmentally air care product is small and easy to use, making it perfect for everyday use in your home and workplace to eliminate unpleasant smells with no masking.
The O3, activated oxygen molecules, created by the plug in not only destroys odour pathogens but is know to be effective in collapsing and killing enveloped viruses. The Ozofresh PlugIn is in regular use in environments such as Hotels and Care Homes and has been used in conjunction with our XtraProtect sanitiser and high-end ozone generation technology to create sanitised areas to protect the most vulnerable. The faint ‘cleaned air’ residual scent from the PlugIn gives you the comfort of knowing that it has made a contribution to your clean and sanitsed kitchen, caravan, office, motorhome or household.