Dissolve grease on contact with XtraPower+

XtraPower+ delivers tough cleaning where you need it most.  It is designed for heavily soiled or greasy areas including stove tops, extractors and ovens, targeting stains, grease, oil and fat for a superior and fast clean. 

Because it solubilises grease , there’s no clogged drains when you wash it away.  And its 100% biodegradable, giving outstanding results with no harsh chemicals or dangerous fumes.

Use XtraPower+ on all grease surfaces such as cooker hoods, stoves, oven* and barbeques, but avoid varnished or painted surfaces or natural wood.  The bottles are made from recyclable or recycled plastics with recyclable and reusable trigger sprays.

Available in 750ml and 5L sizes.  Can be diluted 1:100.

*  Will not remove burnt on carbon in ovens.

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