Kills coronavirus on all surfaces and skin with XtraProtect

XtraProtect all-purpose non-alcohol sanitiser eliminates bacteria within 30 seconds of application for long lasting elimination of bacteria, viruses and mildew. It is certified to BSEN:1276/14476/1500 and proven to kill MRSA, e-coli, norovirus and coronavirus. Suitable for use where bacteria and viruses accumulate and a thorough clean is paramount, XtraProtect offers residual protection for up to eight days.

XtraProtect is a unique water-based agent that cleans and sanitises all hard surfaces, fabrics, carpets and anywhere that hygiene is vital. XtraProtect takes just 30 seconds to kill and remove harmful germs from a surface and continues to do so once dry. As a cleaner, it removes all ingrained dirt from heavily contaminated areas, including blood, urine and other bodily fluids.  It is also safe and pleasant to use on hands. Fully compatible with the whole Xtra Range.

Recognised as an ethical product by the Good Shopping Guide, XtraProtect uses no harsh chemicals, and the bottles are made from recyclable or recycled plastics with recyclable and reusable trigger sprays

Available in 100ml, 500ml and 5L sizes