Give your guests an irritation free, safe and sanitised welcome

Covid-19 may have changed the hospitality industry forever but with the right tools you can still offer the best service as well as a safe environment.

XtraProtect sanitiser is an alcohol free all-in-one solution that that is British Laboratory tested on both hands and surfaces to kill 99.99% of bacteria and enveloped viruses including coronavirus.

XtraProtect is a lighter, more delicate, liquid sanitiser. Alcohol gels can be heavy, sticky and often have a stinging ‘cheap perfume’ smell to them. Worse still they dry out your skin and can cause irritation and long term damage.

There are numerous ways that XtraProtect can keep your guests safe, whether you’re a hotel, restaurant, venue or holiday park. 

Add 100ml XtraProtect bottles to hotel in-room toiletries. Install dispensers in key areas such as toilets and kitchens. 

500ml trigger bottles in bars and lounge provide instant protection for guests, and add to the housekeeping trolley for the thorough sanitisation of surfaces, door handles, push plates and other touch areas.

Our floor standing stations installed on each level and your reception areas encourages regular repeat cleaning.

Add 5ltr refill bottles to top up and you have an integrated sanitisation process.