Gyms and Sporting

The answer to a safe, sanitised and powerful workout

Covid-19 has changed what we consider a healthy trip to the gym. By adding XtraProtect sanitiser to your cleaning protocols and you can make sure your clients have a sanitised environment, that is tested to be effective against Covid-19, without resorting to harsh alcohol based gels.XtraProtect sanitiser is an alcohol free all-in-one solution that that is British Laboratory tested on both hands and surfaces to kill 99.99% of bacteria and enveloped viruses including coronavirus.

Use on workout equipment, mats, in changing areas and showers and at your reception area to clean and protect.

XtraProtect is a lighter, more delicate, liquid sanitiser. Alcohol gels can be heavy, sticky and often have a stinging ‘cheap perfume’ smell to them. Worse still they are slippery, dry out your skin and can cause irritation and long term damage.Not ideal for anyone wanting to workout!

Your team and members can use the same 100ml pocket bottles to sanitise touchpoint areas and hands as they go. Door handles, push plates, equipment and other commonly handled surfaces can be sanitised with a quick spray.

500ml trigger bottles on your counters and other common areas will provide instant sanitisation for everyone. Then place one or two of our floor standing stations in the gym and you are fully covered.

Add 5ltr refill bottles to top up and you have an integrated sanitisation process.