For early learners - protect young skin with XtraProtect

Alcohol is damaging to young skin. It dries the skin, can be an irritant and if swallowed can be highly poisonous. Overall it is not something that you would normally want around little ones. 

The XtraProtect range is perfect for safely teaching young children good sanitising practice. It is a fully tested, UK produced, non-toxic and alcohol free sanitiser giving you peace of mind and a safer environment.

The advanced formula used to create XtraProtect is designed to allow the liquid to effectively kill viruses and bacteria on both surfaces and the skin. That means a small bottle slipped in the pocket of a team member can be on hand at all times. A quick spray and a rub and a child’s hands will be free from pathogens and the liquid will provide long lasting protection.

A spray and a wipe and the same bottle will sanitise touch points such as door handles, toilets and push plates.

XtraProtect is designed to keep you and your young learners safe.

For older learners - an irritation free, safe and sanitised, welcome

Covid-19 has changed education in the UK. For parents and staff the number one priority is ensuring that outbreaks of virus infections are reduced to manageable levels.

XtraProtect offers 99.9% effectiveness against common viruses, including coronavirus and does so without harming their skin. It is a lighter, more delicate, liquid sanitiser. Where alcohol gels can be heavy, sticky and often have a stinging ‘cheap perfume’ smell to them, XtraProtect is light, and much kinder to hands.

Sanitisation and cleaning is now part of every school day. The XtraProtect range will be there to help you ensure you meet the required standards.

Because XtraProtect is a touchpoint and hand sanitiser, door handles, push plates and other commonly touched surfaces such as desks, can be sanitised with a quick spray.

Our 100ml carry bottle can be used to make surfaces safe on the go, as well as sanitising hands. Everyone in the team can be issued a bottle and become a walking sanitisation station.

Our 500ml trigger bottles are perfect for staff room and other common areas.

Place a stand-alone sanitising station at appropriate points and have 5ltr refill bottles in store to top up and you have an integrated sanitisation process.

Stand alone sanitiser station with foaming dispenser